NiceBuy.eu has the largest selection of bins, waste bins, pedal bins, big bin, push bin, open top, slide bin, trash cans with and without waste selection. Our many bins are known designs and brands, Brabantia, Wesco, Simple Human, Zone Denmark, Eva Solo, Scandinavia, Galzone, Qualy and Kokubo, Essey, Dulton and others. We have sizes from 3 liters to 60 liters and prices to match any need. The range of colors is almost infinite, matte steel, brilliant steel, black, white, red, lime green, blue, pink, orange, yellow etc. Buckets perfectly suited for the kitchen, bathroom, office or child's room. Whether it's private use or commercial waste bins in a great quality that matches the price.
The quality has been carefully tested on several waste bins, several of our suppliers spend a lot of time and energy, to get the best possible trashcan on the market, thoroughly testing every detail, and improving it continuously. This is why we have chosen these suppliers, they stand by their products and several of them guarantees long life waste bins, witch is something, we, as a dealer greatly appreciate.

Simplehuman has thoroughly tested the pedal on their bins, which is often the first thing to wear. Which is why the pedals on Simplehuman bins are extra strong. They run all the way to the back of the can and pivot near the center - like a see-saw. There is spreading stress across the steel platform for a smooth, stable operation will last for years. They actually manipulated pedal to last over 150,000 steps - more than 20 steps per day for 20 years.
Simplehuman bags are available to all of their bins.

Brabantia's 'Soft-Touch' closure - opens silently with a light touch. Dispose of your garbage easily without wasting - large opening. Ideal for large amounts of waste - extra large or very small buckets. All with a protective floor ring. Touch bin is one of our best-selling trash cans, it is definitely in the top 5 of our best trash cans, no matter how many liters you want.
Brabantia Bags with tie-tapes are available to all Brabantia's bins.

When you order your bin or garbage can at NiceBuy.dk there are several options for delivery. Shipping from 8 Eur.

Shipping is free if you order for more than 135 Eur.



Bin - Largest selection the web NiceBuy.eu has the largest selection bins, bins, pedal bins, trash cans, trash cans with and without waste sorting. many bins known designs and brands. lead among other Brabantia, Simplehuman, Qualy, Wesco, Kokubo, Scandinavia Bathroom, Zone Denmark, Essey , Galzone, Dulton and others.We have sizes and prices to match every need. See the products the categories the left.