A good lighting is not just about finding a nice lamp but also how to use the lighting in his home. You can basically divide the lighting in these areas.

Functional lighting
Functional lighting can, in other words to call for the practical lighting. It is most important in this illumination, the light space with a behaglig brightness without glare. This lighting should allow you to see and walk safely around in your house. In some rooms such as laundry rooms, utility room and hallways, this light serves as the main source of lighting.

Functional lighting will often happen with chandeliers, ceiling or wall-mounted lamps.

Mood lighting
Mood lighting adds as said moods to your home. A table lamp or floor lamp is good at creating moods. Spread them around the rooms, also places where you do not just need lighting. By doing this, you give the room depth, width, and create the important Danish cosiness. You can also play with words that light can give. A neon lamp from Seletti gives such impression of city life and a light chain can help to create having fun. Light chain can also be used Inside is and in this way to pull the garden into the house.

Table lamps
Table lamps are probably one of the hardest lamps to buy. At we have a large selection of pendants that are perfect for the dining table. Our pendants are available in many sizes and shapes. We have lamps in plastic, metal and glass. We leading lights from Qualy, Dyberg-Larsen, Alessi and Selitti.