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At you will find a large selection of bowls from different brands, so there will surely be something that falls into your taste. We have bowls from brands like Rosti, Joseph Joseph, Stelton, Brabantia and many other brands. With their simple and stylish design, Rosti bowls are perfect in every home. Rosti has also made a bowl set, so you get all the necessary sizes in one set. We also have the popular Rosti Margrethe bowls on the side. The Margrethe bowl is very functional and comes in many sizes so there is always a bowl that suits your needs. You will also find a Magrethe bowl set, where you get four bowls of different sizes that fit into each other so you save space in the kitchen cabinet. We also have bowls with lid and bowls to microwave. All our bowls are super delicious and of the best quality.


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