Glass and porcelain is a necessity in any home. We use our ordinary glass and china in everyday life, but when there are guests, it is nice to have something nice to put on the table and that it all fits together.
At you can find a large selection of glasses and china for everyday and festivities. We have a large selection of water glasses, white wine glasses, red wine glass champagne glasses, whiskey glass, shot glass, martin glass, glass of glass, glass of glass, glass of glass, liqueur glass and cognac glass from many different brands. house doctor and Tescoma and if it is for the nice tableware we have glass from Eva trio, Lyngby glass and Alessi.
You will also find a large selection of candles and potatoes on the side. We have both glasses and ceramics. When it comes to candles and carafels, we also have a selection so you can cover up in everyday life and when it's going to be fine. We have candles and karaffels from many different brands such as Le Crueset, Stelton and Steel Function.
You will also find a wide selection of plates for every occasion. We have porcelain plates, plastic plates and slate plates. You will find both nice plates, children's plates, plates of motifs and much more.
Discover our many possibilities, only imagination sets limits.

Should you happen to have questions, you are always welcome to contact us by mail or phone.



NiceBuy have a large selection products glass and porcelain for everyday and special occasions. you stand example and lacks drinking glasses serving dishes - do you need a nice vase, coffee mug a chocolate melts. NiceBuy have it, you are missing. Well-known manufacturers: Stelton, Zone, Bugatti, Galzone, Kähler, Nuance, Propagande, Royal vkb Others