Wide range of Garbage Bags

See our wide range of garbage bags. We have a garbage bag for any type bin - you'll find both waste bag for 3, 5, 10, 12, 20, 27,30, 40, 50 and 60 liters, slimline or plain, flat lid, touch bin, sensor or retro model. See the collection of garbage. We carry mainly garbage bags that fit Zone, Simple Human and Brabantia. Avoid waste, exploitative bags optimalt by selecting the right trash bag.

Brabantia bin liners are precisely tailored to fit your Brabantia waste bin. And they are very easy to use. Just pull the seal tape and the bin liner will be removed and sealed. Check the color code on the inside of the lid of your waste bin and you'll know what size you need.
A perfect fit for your Brabantia waste bin.
Provided with special ventilation holes, which makes it easier to insert the bag so you thereby avoid waste.
Made of extra strong quality plastic (HDPE)
Easy to carry and strong sealing tape.
Pr.rulle 20 bags (pcs)

Simple Human, One size bags does not fit all bins. Simple Human bags are designed to fit perfectly Simple Human bins, so there are no messy bag overhang or clumping - and they never slipping off. Extra thick plastic and double stitch construction is to avoid the pieces torn bags. Strong cord as a handle makes waste bags easy to lift or carry. Pr.pakke 10 bags (pcs)

Zone garbage bag with drawstring closure, pr.rulle 50 bags (pcs) suitable for the trash bin of 27 liters.