Large selection of ironing boards

We carry a wide assortment of ironing boards from different brands. We have also ironing boards from Brabantia, Leifheit and MSV. We have ironing boards in different price ranges, so there is something for everyone. Our selection is so large that we will almost guarantee that you can find an ironing board that suits your taste and your needs. The quality is tip top, and should there be problems, the supplier and us, willing to talk about the problem as they test all their boards several times before it is sold. is one of the great on this particular field of ironing boards. strives to optimize the range of the consumer wants, and we want only satisfied customers.
Also ironing accessories

In addition to a large selection of ironing boards, we also offer a wide range of accessories. We have, for example, cover, sleeve board, replacing the filter, Iron pin, clips and more, and there should be something does not hold, as you need, we will be very happy behjælplige if possible. Iron covers are available in many different sizes from brand A to E, should Your goals may be different, you are welcome to contact us.

Find your ironing board or ironing cover below and buy online easy and convenient delivery from 39 - If you order for over £ 500, - are free shipping!