Endeavour Big Fish Filleting Knife - MoV Steel

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Big Fish Knife with MoV Steel Blade


This knife is specially shaped to fillet large fish and to cut perfect thin slices from different produce.

The flexible blade, made of MoV steel, is particularly suitable for precisely these tasks due to its flexibility and light expression.

Big Fish is made of fully forged MoV steel; Mov stands for Molybdenum Vanadium an alloy which provides strength, makes the steel stainless and durable. The steel makes Big Fish a great filleting knife, because of its flexibility and is extremely easy to maintain and keep sharp.

The MOV steel is processed in Japan from great tradition and is a blend of German and Japanese steel.


DESIGN: Kirk+Maarbjerg
LENGTH: 31 cm
BLADE: MoV Steel
HANDLE: Pakka wood

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