Baking Mat

New baking mat or baking tray?


Do you have a missing bag or a baking tray? A baking mat is always smart, for example. if you are going to make macarons, pie, pizza, water baking and other leaked home baking. Here at you will find a large selection of baking mats and baking basins, for example, baking mats and baking bases of silicone, back mats with circles that are perfect for macarons and much more. We also have baked meals with a perfect finish if your bread or cake is to fit a particular dish. A silicone backing is always a good choice, as it's easy to clean and delicious to work with. All our backrests are incredibly easy to clean and can easily be stored in a drawer or cabinet. We have backmats from many different brands, Lékué, De Buyer, Cities, Rösle and many more brands.

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