Le Creuset Round Pot 2,4 liter 20 cm - Matt Black

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Støbejerns Pott 26 - Food Black Round

The cast iron pot from Le Creuset is a classic in the kitchen. The pot has been manufactured in the highest quality of Le Creuset's own foundry in France since 1925. Cast iron is known to be one of the best cooking materials, as the heat is distributed evenly and uniformly in the pot. This makes it ideal for, for example, simmerettes or pots, and can last for many years if one fits it well.

The cast iron casserole stays warm long after the extinguisher extinguishes, allowing for energy-efficient cooking. At the same time, this property is optimal for serving the ready-made dish that is kept warm at the table.
The pot is available in a wide range of Le Creuset's well-known colors, so it can match the kitchen and table cover, so do not think there is a color that matches your kitchen. The cast iron griddle can be used on all heat sources including induction, and also withstands barbecue, oven and dishwasher cleaning. Then use the pot, it can withstand it. Both the big and the small can benefit from good material can respond well in the long run.

5.3 liters and available in several faver.

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