Blinispande & Pancake Pan

New pancakepan?

Do you love homemade pancakes? Then it's important that you have the perfect pancakepan. A pancakepan is characterized by its low sides, which makes it easier to turn the pancakes, both with the palette knife and in the air. We have pancakepans in many sizes, so whether you prefer big or small pancakes, you will find the ideal pan here. We have pancake pans in many different materials.

When choosing which pan you should have, consider whether it should be with or without non-stick coating. The advantage of a pan with non-stick coating is that you do not need much fat and it is easy to clean with water and soap. Our pans without non-stick coating build up a natural coating over time, but this means that you can not wash it with soap.

Here at Nicebuy you will find the pancake pan that suits your needs. We have pancakepans from many different brands on this page, fx. from De Buyer, Rösle And Funktion.

You will also find a wide selection of good bliniespans from brands such as De Buyer here on Nicebuy. Bliniespans are the perfect choice for making small bliny or American pancakes. A bliniespans is characterized by its very small size. We have both bliniespans who can make one bliny and pans that can make up to three blinis at a time. Most of our pans can be used on all cook tops also induction.