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New sautepande?

Looking for a new sauterpande? Then you will find a great selection here at A sauté pan is a high-brow pan, which makes it easier to keep the ingredients on the forehead. When sautering, fasten your raw materials into high fat fat. That sautere comes from the French word "sauter" meaning "to shake in butter".
It is important that you choose a sautepande that suits your needs. Therefore, consider the size, material and whether it should be with or without coating.
Sauter pans are available in many different sizes, and it is important that you choose the right size for your needs. We have saute pans in many sizes. If you make small portions, we recommend a pan in the size of 16 - 20 cm. For you who make larger portions at a time, we also have sauté pans with a diameter of up to 32 cm.
When selecting sauté pans, consider what material your sauté pande should be from. Our sauté pans are made in different materials. We have for example sauté pans in stainless steel and cast iron. Eva trio has made a 3-layered sauté bucket with the outer layer made of copper. In the middle there is a layer that aluminum and the inner layer are made of stainless steel. This structure allows the forehead to warm up quickly and keep warm on the heat.
The last thing to consider is whether you want a forehead with or without coating. As with wokpander, a sauté ping must be able to keep to high temperatures and the coating can therefore break. However, a pan with coating is easier to clean.
We have sauter pander from many different brands we have for example. sauté pander from Eva Trio, Eva Solo, De Buyer, Rösle and many others. Most of our sauté pans can be used on induction comforters.

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