Steel Function Bowls - 4 PCS. - White Porcelain

Steel Function Bowls - 4 PCS. - White Porcelain

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Set With Small Bowls From Steel Function - 4 PCS. In White Porcelain

It is popular like never before serving tapas and other mouthwatering appetezers in small bowls, which somehow always get your food to look extra delicious and appetizing.
In addition to the four bowls the kit also includes two spoons and two forks of bamboo which fulender kit modern and simple New Nordic look.
The bowls can be used for severing of anything. For your morning eschews with granola, snacks, dips, dessert. Only your imagination is the limit.
Each bowl measures 9 x 4.5 cm
The series HEPTRA, this set is a part of, is characterized by the hexagonal bowls of various sizes that are produced by porcelain in both the classical white and the fresh lightblue color.
Let designed form a leitmotif through your kitchen by buying the other hexagonal bowls from HEPRA series.
The shells are available in a gift box and is therefore also perfect as a gift for someone you love - or maybe a gift for yourself.


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