Licorice Powder and Gourment Licorice


Good licorice should be enjoyed, and there is no better licorice when it's really good. Lakritsfabrikken from Sweden have made two versions, one for the sweet and the other one salty. Packed in a transparent plastic box with 195 grams. If you like liquorice, you MUST to try them, but beware, it can be addictive. At you can buy them today and get delivered in 2-4 days. Perfect for the Danish cosiness, both the small and the big sweet tooth.

If you like cakes, it's a huge hit to bake cakes with licorice powder. Whether it's the pie, cookies or muffins that's just Your imagination will prevail. It has also become fashionable to use licorice in cooking and use like powder as a seasoning on the roast or dessert.