Espresso Maker

Get the perfect espresso coffee at home.

The last few years have espresso coffee got a good hold on the europeans. If you want to enjoy a good espresso, you can of course go to the cafe, but who do not want to drink a good cup of espresso at home or serve them to the guests. To create the perfect cup of espresso is actually quite simple. Of course one must buy an espresso pot, with Nicebuy we have a large selection of espresso pots from the cheap MSV espresso jugs to the great innovative Pulcina espresso pots from Alessi.
When you buy an espresso pot, so there are some tind that one must consider. In the first place it is important to buy a coffee pot which fits with respect to the number of cups to be prepared per. walk. For example, you can just make a half pitcher. This means that if you buy a pitcher who stand to make 6 cups, so it must make 6 cups per time or will the coffee be proper. If you only need 3 cups so it is advantageous to buy two jugs when you want to quickly save the difference in coffee beans.
Another thing to remember when buying espresso pots are the plates that you have. Has induction, so it is important to have a coffee pot which can be used for induction. That is, the aluminum espressokanderne not be used, they are in turn ideal for gas and other heat sources.
At you will find espresso pots from GAT, Function, Alessi, you will find most pitchers in sizes 1 cup, 3 cups 6 cups 9 cups or the big 12 cups.

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