Tea pots & Tea Infusers

Tea infuser for loose tea

A tea egg are too many just a small egg-shaped container of a small chain or on a shaft. The container should be filled with crushed loose tea or tea leaves, At NiceBuy.dk have a range that goes from the classic cheap tea infusers, the tea infuser which is made a little more out of the design, for example. Alessi. We have tea infuser from Magisso which is perfect for a teapot as tea egg should be secured to the inside of the teapot, and that way you can avoid tea egg dripping on the table when the tea is finished drawing.
We have tea infuser from brands Eva Solo, Stelton, Qualy, Magisso, Alessi and many more. So whatever and you are a woman or a man, then you can find a tea infuser that fits your decor and budget.