Brabantia Storage Canned 2.2 Liter w / Gauge - Matt Steel

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BrabantiaStorageCanned2.2Literw /Gauge-MattSteel

Brabantiahas created a newunique designinsidestorageboxes, asimple necessityinallwell-organizedkitchendrawers andcupboards. Brabantia2.2literstorageboxwithtransparent windowin the lidis perfectfor storingegspaghetti.

Brabantiastorageboxhasmany deliciousdesignerdetails such as:

  • Transparent lidtoensure the contentis always visible
  • Clicklidthat preservesthe contentAtomaandensures durability
  • Fingerprint-resistantsurfaceFPP(fingerprint proof), so yourstorageboxalwayspresent themselvesin the best possiblein satin steelfinish with nosticky fingers.
  • Made ofquality materials thatwill last for years. Brabantiathereforethe entire10-year warranty.
  • Integratedspaghettimåleskeso that youcanmeasure out thedesired amount.
  • Mulchingwith the option tochoose from 5color codingmakesit easy to createa personalizedlabel
  • Pre-printedlabelsin different languagesareequalto paste onyourselectedmulti-clip
  • Blanklabelsmakes itpossible to writethe text thatis needed.
Product information
ColorMatt FPP Steel
Height28 cm
Diameter11 cm
Capacity2,2 Liter
Warranty10 years



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