Brabantia Storage Boxes with Window in Lid 1.5 ltr. FPP Mat Stand

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BrabantiaStorageBoxeswithWindow inLid1.5ltr. FPPMattSteel

Available in5 sizeswithasmartnon-slip surfaceforthe tray.

Get the most outofyourkitchendrawers -complete withnon-slip surface

Transparent lid-visiblecontent ofyourcans,and in this wayit iseasier to accessan overview ofyour drawers.

The lidshave"soft touch", which ensures easyopeningandairtightkeepingthe contentfresh.

The set consists of2 cans.

Product information
ColorMatt Steel
Height22 cm
Depth11,5 cm
Width23 cm
Capacity1,5 Liter
Warranty10 years


Be sure toseeourotherstorage tins!

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