Weather Stations

Weather stations inside and outside.


At can buy thermometers for both outside and inside. Weather stations are indispensable if one wants to keep up with the climate in Denmark day. Keep up with just some of the key measurements as temperature rises, rain gauges, pressure mm.

Eva Solo has designed a udendørtermometer and rain gauge in a timeless design which functionality is the most important thing. Jacob Jensen is known for their beautiful klasisske design and also here seen their expression as a single beautiful design where all can be and will fit into most homes. Okholm have made a funny thermometer with suction cup and shaped like a firmben, ideal for children so they can learn a little and the weather. have selected a handful of weather stations, which we believe is a good bet to get and be of interest to the weather. You see one that we do not have, you are certainly welcome to contact us and we'll try in the best possible way to fulfill your desire, if possible.