Textiles for your interior

When designing a home, it is important to have one's own personal style, so there will be a cozy feel. It could be blankets, pillows that match the other trinket you have in the house or apartment, a specific color running again, maybe in the whole house or just one room. Sea like one rødtråd throughout the house so that it becomes more manageable. The bedding is an important factor in a bedroom, if not to use bedspread. there might have been one or two sets of matching the other colors in the bedroom, and so need not be blanket on every day.

NiceBuy.eu have delicious blankets and pillows from Neon Living, modern with a touch of different and where the quality is top.

Bedding NiceBuy.eu have from Zone is a delicious cotton satin and lots of colors. Södahl is more subdued, but where there is placed a focus on quality and simplicity.


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