Treat yourself and others with delicious specialties


Treat yourself, your family and friends with our delicious specialties. At NiceBuy you can find everything from delicate chocolates, organic coffees and tasty syrups for different organic tea flavors and tantalizing variety of spice blends, with attention for the unique taste experience down to the smallest detail.
Looking for inspiration for hostess gift, corporate gift, centennial or something else?
Do you, for example tempt filled chocolates from Valrhona or luxury spreads from Lie Gourmet with such a fantastic flavor that even the birds can sing.
Or what about our exquisite organic tea flavors. For example NOW tea or perhaps T-Town teas, selected and composed by renowned chef Claus Meyer?
We also have wine served utraditonel canned fantastic syrups in a variety of colors and with tantalizing flavors to exciting cooking, cakes, drinks mm. You can also finish in style with beautiful, seductive edible flowers.