Professional Secrets Palette stainless steel, 28.5 cm

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Flip it Like a pro 

Optimizing this tool - also known as "turner" or "flipper" - is a matter of material, design, function, and some sharp insights. 


Only Steel will do 

Stainless steel is a prerequisite for the right properties. Professional Secrets' spatula is a perfect combination of flexibility and strength and very attractive design. It was made to rest snugg , a frying pan and is perfectly angled so that any dripping fat ends up in the pan, not outside. 


  • Perfect angle leads drops of fat into the pan 
  • Flexible enough not to damage an egg, stable enough to lift a steak 
  • 100 percent stainless steel 
  • Robust, tough and sustainable high quality material 
  • Easy to clean 


  • Material: Brushed stainless steel 
  • Dimensions: Total length - 285 mm

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