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Rosti Mepal Mixkande - Lime


Rosti Mepal mixkanden in beautiful Lime is designed to match the Margrethe bowl and is available in the same great colors as Margrethe bowl. So you decide what color you want to collect. 

The pitcher has convenient handle and spout and contains 1.0 liter.Mixkanden can be used to whip whipped cream and can be used for drinks. The lid can be purchased, and thus the pitcher also used for storage. 

Contains ladle 518 + 524 and 831 palette. Mixkanden produced in 100% melamine, which has the good property in relation to the plastic that it keeps its shape even when heated. Melamine is suitable for the dishwasher, but can not be used in the microwave or freezer. Melamine has the good property in terms of the plastic is that it keeps its shape, even by application of heat the food, which is a great advantage in the cooking or by rapid cooling of the residues. 

Smart and practical mixkande set of tools from Rosti Mepal. 

Mixkande kit is available in many new colors to match today's fashion and is a definite must in any modern kitchen, where you love to cook good food for the whole family - both for cooking food as serving and storage of such residues.


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