Professional Secrets Skålsæt, 4 bowls m / lid and tray

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Get orqanized like a pro  

Before cooking, a professional chef always makes a "mise en place", kitchen French for (roughly) "everything in its place". 


Tidiness, effectivity and storage 

Suitable for preparations as well as storage. The lids are made from high ququalit}' silicon optimized for handling food. The attractive, stackable conDntainers are also perfect as lunch boxes. 


For food preparation and storage 

Resistant to hard work, heat, cold and UV-light 

High quality materials suitable for food 

Air-tight lids for hygiene and odor-free storage 

Sizes customized for household fridges and needs 



Material: Bowls and tray stainless steel 

Material: Lids - transparent. high quality Silicon 



  • 2 Bowls - 183 mm x 123 mnn 0.85 liters
  • 2 Bowls - 123 mm x 123 mm 0.55 liters
  • 1 Tray - 335 mm x 143 mm 



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