Baking pans

The perfect spring shape

Do you miss a jump shape? Here at we have a wide range of jump shapes from many different brands, such as Function, Lékué, De Buyer, Eva Trio and Wilton. We have spring shapes in many different sizes and shapes. We have both round, heart shaped and square spring shape. Gray Gourmet and Kaiser have both made some good square spring shapes that are perfect, for example. I would like to make some slightly different layers of cake. You can also make perfectly normal round cakes with a round spring shape from Eva Trio, Lékué or De Buyer. Function has made a set of three different spring shapes, two rounds a small one and one big, and one heart-shaped. You can also find border shapes on this page. An edge shape is perfect if you are going to make creamy ice, ice cream or if you want to give your cake a nice touch. We have edge shapes of different sizes, so we are sure that we have the shape that suits your needs.

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