Grommets & Icing bags

Great cakes


Do you also enjoy your cakes look inviting and beautiful? You may need to have a set of tights and a syringe bag. With a good spray bag and the right ones, you can decorate your cakes exactly as you want them. Here at you will find a large selection of syringes and bags. We have both recyclable fabric spray bags and disposable plastic syringes. We also have a wide range of fabrics in different sizes and with different patterns. Most of our rods can be used for spray bags, we also have rods that fit our cookie syringes. We have fabrics and spray bags from many different brands, such as Cities, Wilton, De Buyer, Rösle, Talk, Function and many others. Function has made a set where you get a six-pack syringe. Wilton has, among other things, made both spray bags, tulle and decorative sets of cake stamps. Talk also has a wide range of equipment to decorate cakes with.

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