Bread Molds

New baking shape?

Are you going to bake a delicious cake or a french bread or something else delicious home baking? But do you need a baking form? Then you definitely find one that meets your needs on this page. We have all kinds of baking shapes. We have silicone baking, square baking, small baking, baking in metal, round baking and much more. We have baked goods from many different brands such as. Lékué, Wilton, Nordic Ware and De Buyer. Lékué has made a beautiful form to make beautiful figures. Function has made a square baking form that is perfect for baking French bread or rye bread. We also have baking molds that can make perfect hemispheres, either for decoration or as the cake itself. Cities have made a football baking form that is perfect for children's birthday or football enthusiasts. Wilton has made a set of heart baking shapes of different sizes that are good at any situation. We also have a tractor baking form that is perfect for the grandson. We also have classic round bake shapes. So whatever you need, you can find it here at

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