Do you also want great cakes?

Do your cakes also always lack the last touch, to make them perfect and exciting? Or should the children not be allowed to help bake? Here at you will find a large selection of kagestempls, biscuit stamps, plunger sticks and stitches. We have equipment to decorate cakes, from different brands, Wilton, Cities, Tescoma, Suck UK and even more brands. Cities have made a lot of different equipment to decorate cakes, among other things, they have made plungers and sticks that make a flair in the fondant. Städer's stitch shape is shaped like many different things, such as. a stroller, a seed, a giraffe and other fun shapes. Their scroll pins also have many different patterns, such as. leaves, tulips, hearts and bricks. So no matter what kind of cake you are going to decorate, you will find the equipment for this page.

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