LED candles, scented candles and candle

Lighting and candles in particular, helps to create a special mood and atmosphere, whether it is in your home, on the terrace, work, restaurant or any place where you want to create a calm and cozy atmosphere.

At we have a large selection of both traditional candles Led candles and scented candles. Moreover, we have several different stearinglys and candles with LED where safety is always the top, ideal for elderly and kids where they need to be aware that slkulle extinguish the candle after use. Many of our LED candles are made of paraffin, the structure and moveable flame, so that they appear life-like. Several of LED lights also have hours like can be used as theft prevention. Avoid the smell of candle wax and the turmoil on fire.

Scented candles give off a scent where peace and quiet are desired, could be nice to have a restaurant where you are supposed to get an appetite for delicious food. The restroom where you do not want an unpleasant odor that can smell light get its element.


At we have a wide selection, so there will definitely been a light just for you and your family. Brands like Zone, Be on fire Led Candles, Sompex Led light white or cream, Villa Collection, a sea of ​​beautiful colors, tea lights or candles lots of different sizes. Light is always ideal as a hostess gift, then this could also be an option.