Magazine holder

Blade Holder or Tray Holder

How will your new magazine holder look like? It must be installed on the wall or stand next to your bed. Whatever your next blade holder should look like, then have solution.


We have, for example, magazine holder from Neon Living clean design where the focus has been on functionality and modern look. J-me are well known for their quality and smart solutions, this is also seen in their magazine holder. Stelton doing price conscious products where the simple design like having to fit into any home. Brabantia has cheap prices, but the quality is top notch, on many of their products provide many years of warranty. Tasteful, understated magazine holder from Excel obvious to the office where functionality and appearance have a huge impact.


Have you seen a magazine holder from one of our suppliers, which we have in the web shop, please feel free to contact us and we'll try to help. want to focus on quality and functional design, where the ordinary consumer can join in gainful employment must also be able to use a product from us, therefore we have a strong focus on hitting the small or large companies who want design but at a reasonable price.


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How your new magazine holder be? must installed the wall stand next your bed. Whatever your next blade holder must be, then have solution. have magazine holder from smart Neon Living, J-me, Stelton wall mounted magazine holder from Excel.