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Lékué Decomax Pen - Green

Here is a complete luxury 'must have' items for your personal home-patisserie. Lékué DECOMAX Pen in Green is just the classes of the traditional syringe bags and decorating pens.

With Lékué DECOMAX you can heat decoration sauces directly in the microwave, store / cool the dough, sauce, frosting, icing mm. in the refrigerator or freezer. Includes both the lid and the whole 6 pack. different grommets. That's when super smart.

Lekue DECOMAX Pen is made ??of 100% platinum, food grade silicone and can withstand temperatures between -60 and +260 degrees and can go in both the microwave, freezer and dishwasher. So whether you need to dose the right kagedejmængde or perform large pastry decorations, then Lékué DECOMAX the ultimate solution.

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