Designed for living

Brabantia is world renowned for producing quality trash cans and other products in classic and elegant design. All bins are made of quality assured, corrosion-resistant materials that will last for many years.
You can find Brabantia bins for all solutions and applications. So whether you need a traditional trash, a pedal bin in classic, modern or retro design, table bins / table bins or fire resistant trash cans or recycle bins, sorting bins, toilet pan to stand on the floor or wall mounted, then Brabantia your safe choice.


Brabantia has many beautiful and practical solutions to waste bins, trash cans, waste bins, waste baskets, waste separation systems. See all possibilities here.
Find your trashcan below and buy online easy and convenient delivery from 39 - If you order for over £ 500, - are free shipping to the post office or packing box!



Brabantia - Designed for living Brabantia ice Known worldwide for -producing quality trash cans and bins a classic, stylish design. All bins are made corrosion resistant materials. You ll find Brabantia bins for all solutions and ändamål; recycle bins, pedal bins, trash cans table, Four-proof trash cans and recycle bins. Touch Bins and bins with slide lid. You can course get the bins many colors and sizes. Brabantia so confident i sin products thatthey Provider the 10-year warranty all sin pedal bins, recycle bins and touch bins.