Entrance fee

The hall is often one of the most overlooked room in the house, but a good entre can actually make a huge difference to your home. A good entrance requires some good hooks or hangers. The hooks should preferably be at a height so that your children can use them. The hooks should also preferably be able to keep your jackets, even if the strap in jacket is destroyed.
Other things you should think about when decorating your hall is that there should preferably be a place to lie or hang your keys. That way you always know where your key is, thus saving a lot of time looking for your keys.
Cosy vases in different colors or pictures of your children is to give the room a personal touch, and a charisma that welcomes guests.


A good doormat makes sure you do not get as much dirt into the house. You thereby avoiding having to clean your floors as frequently. A nice doormat, a different doormat give guests an idea of ​​who you are and what you want to radiate with your home.


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