Lékué Steam Case With Tray

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Lékué Steam Case With Tray 3-4 pers.

Lékué Steamer / Steam Case With Drip Tray is a smart silicone box that can be used for both steaming as thawing - with or without the removable drip tray.

When you cook food by steaming, you retain juiciness and nutritional value to your raw materials, while the flavors are highlighted.
Cooking with Lékué Steamer / Steam Case is quick and easy. Simply fill the water / fluid in the bottom of the steamer, place your dinner in the box (with or without drip pan) and put the food in the microwave. It's super easy.

Lékué steam cooker / Case Steam can be used in microwave oven as well as in a traditional oven.

Dimensions: 27.5 cm x 21 cm x 8 cm
Colour: Red
Material: Primum
Withstands temperatures between -60c and 220C
dishwasher safe

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