Professional Secrets Cutting Board With Juice Groove in beech, 42x30x2,4 cm

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Cutting borard in high qualitie

The cutting board is a working surface and a close partner with the chefs knife. We have improved ours with an enlarged basin to - once and for all - put an end to irritating "floods". 


All the right qualities 

Food-friendly beech is soft enough not to damage the blade, but hard enough to stop it from sinking in too deep. The dimensions of the board have been adapted to suit a home kitchen. 


• An enlarged basin stops meat juice and other fluids from overflowing 

• Beech - prime material for food 

• Beech - just the right softness/hardness 

• Beech - common, fast-growing, sustainable 

• Silicon mat for stability and grip included 



Material: Beech 

• Anti-slip Silicon mat included 

• Dimensions: 420x300x28 mm 

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