Toilet bags, cosmetic purses for children and adults


At NiceBuy.eu we have a large selection of toilet bags, cosmetic purses, cosmetic bags mm.i many different sizes, designs and materials.
NiceBuy we have toilet bags for both men, women and children, leather, images of funny animals and beautiful print.
So whether you need a toilet bag with matching cosmetics pouch for the big trips, a small transparent toiletry bag / purse to check-in airfare, a small toilet bag for the kids when they have to stay with grandparents and / or friends, then NiceBuy it you need. Great choice of Studio, Zone, Neon Living and Gillian Jones. Toilet bag is indispensable when traveling, it's great to have it all in one place, as most often is toiletgrey small and you need many small parts. You may be able to wash / drying his toiletry bag after use, and it is convenient in a material that can withstand water. Large and small, depending on the use, prices from 50 kr.


When you book with NiceBuy.eu there are several different options for delivery. The cheapest option is to get delivered to the post office or packing box, it only costs 39 -
We want to give our customers the best experience, you should have any questions, please feel free to call or mail.



At NiceBuy.eu have matching toiletry bags and cosmetic cases. Who does not know this with having all his care and cosmetics things all over the place. This can avoid having a toiletry and cosmetics pouch collect things. Cosmetics purse has a practical size that can also used the handbag. That way you avoid having empty the entire contents the bag out when makeupen must forfriskes.