Aristo Alicante Birdhouse / Feed board / birdfeeder - White

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 Aristo Alicante Bird House / Feeding board / birdfeeder - White


If you want to enrich your life by having many small birds around you - either by house and garden, on the balcony or in the cottage, the Aristo Alicante Bird House the perfect solution. 

Aristo Alicante Bird House is a small, smart and compact feeder for small birds. You just take the top of the feed and fills the house with bird feed. The bird table is then loaded automatically when the birds appreciate the delights of life. 

Aristo Alicante Birdhouse 'tight and compact design makes it possible to locate the places where you do not normally have a forderautomat eg under eaves, on a balcony, in the caravan or ... But you can of course also use the more traditional places . 


A different idea: Put more Aristo Alicante Bird Houses on different branches of a large tree and create a beautiful, aesthetic piece of art in your garden.


Farve Hvid 
Højde 16 cm
Længde 10 cm
Bredde 2,5 cm


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