Aristo feeders / Fuglefoderhus Phoenix - Small - White

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Aristo feeders / Bird Feed House Phoenix - Small - White

- Comes in a nice gift box

A different bird feeder in new and wonderful design for anyone who loves to watch the birds. The bird table can be installed upright on a stand, a wall or hanging. (Stand and wall mount not included but can be purchased separately)

Dimensions: 13x17x19 cm

The story behind "Phoenix feeders": The designers Jesper Moller Hansen and Dorthe Weis is known designers of decorative art with a simple and clean design. A cold winter was a little frostbitten bird outside design firm floor window. This prompted the designers to think that people without gardens have a need for custom-made bird feeder. Thus was born the inspiration for "Phoenix feeders" - a bird feeder to people outside garden. The bird table can of course be hung / mounted on a tree in the garden or mounted on a wooden stick that plugs into the ground.

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