Feeders, bird food suspension, feed balls to summer and winter birds

The birds need a little help in the form of grain and seed mixtures, no matter what season we have. In winter it can be difficult to find food, while young birds, spring and summer need extra nutrients and energy. At NiceBuy.dk we have a large selection of foderbrætter, bird feed suspension and feed balls. By putting one or more forderbræt or bird food hanging up in your garden, you are sure to get a visit from the neighborhood birds, and who do not want to follow the birds up close, and be enriched with birdsong year round?

At NiceBuy leads we eg bird feeder, bird feeders hanging and feed balls from Aristo, Zone, Safe-Bird and Eva Solo, do something good for the Danish birds.

NiceBuy want to answer all your questions, and should it happen that we have to get help from our supplier, we do like to be helpful.


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Both winter and summer garden birds need a little help the form seed mixtures. winter can difficult find food, while young birds spring and summer need extra energy. NiceBuy.eu have a large selection foderbrætter. putting one two foderbrætter in your garden, you're sure visit the neighborhoods birds, and who would not want fulgefløjt year round his garden?