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Brabantia Laundry basket 35 Litres White

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Brabantia Laundry basket 35 Liter White

This Laundry basket is for you who loves neutral colors. It fits well into a nursery where children can throw his laundry in and experience the beauty of throwing it in the laundry basket right away instead of later. It will also fit well in a bathroom and bedroom.

Very nice design from Brabantia, there is no need to remove the cover when you need dandy clothes into the basket. When you need to take the laundry out of the basket, you can remove the lid and take the cotton bag, so you have your laundry somewhere. The laundry basket can hold the lid while you wash.

The laundry basket has some holes at the bottom, so your laundry has to breathe.

The laundry bag in cotton, has elastic and non-slip edge.


Colour White
Height 63 cm
Diameter 30,0 cm
Capacity 35 Litres
Warranty 10 years


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