Brabantia Bread box Lift Top - Blank Steel *

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Brabantia Bread box Lift Top - Blank Steel

This exclusive breadbox from Brabantia has not only a unique look and is made of corrosion resistant quality materials.

Bread Box has an innovative opening system that provides higher availability and increased capacity, making it indispensable and ideal for any modern kitchen. Bread Box offers ease two large bread or a selection of freshly baked bread, cakes, biscuits, croissants or favorite breakfast products.

Thanks to the slim and sleek lift-top design, this bread box with the modern designs easy to clean, while its base is designed so that it does not damage the countertops and the like


Color Blank Steel
Height 21,5 cm
Depth 35,8 cm
Width 42,5 cm
Warranty 10 years


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