Bread Boxes

Breadboxes from Brabantia, Rösti, Wesco and others.


At you will find a large selection of breadcrates. We carry several well-known brands and many different types of breadcakes, so you will find a breadcake that comes to your liking. We carry breadcakes from the brands: Brabantia, RIG-TIG City Stelton, Wesco, Rösti and others.

Brabantia has developed a wide range of breadcakes in different designs to match any needs. The breadcakes are made in high quality quality materials, and Brabantia offers a full 10-year guarantee on their breadcrates.




A bread box must both look great while hiding the bread away, it can stay fresh for longer. NiceBuy can have a huge selection bread boxes that stand out color, form and function. NiceBuy have bread boxes that are rectangular, bread boxes with ventilation holes, maybe storage space top. also for bread, which cutting board integrated into the design. Smart and space-saving. NiceBuy have bread boxes from Wesco, Zone, Thyphoon, Rosti, real city Stelton, Rasmussen & Pedersen, Meliconi, Brabantia, Joseph Joseph Others