The place for children

At we satisfy the children, give them a go-kart to play with for spring or summer or winter, it is obvious with Lego storage boxes in all sizes, so they can keep track of their toys. follow current trends and have always both little girls and boys. Perfect as a gift for the birthday child or christening. Prices in different levels so everyone has for the option of being part of the community.

We have water bottles in lots of colors for girls and boy with and without the cup. Lunchboxes for the small and large with fun motifs and follows the current trend. Karts for spring / summer colors girl and boy colors, retro and fun vehicles. As Christening Gift are children cutlery a hit, classic, funny images or just ordinary. Do you have young chefs at home, we also have knives that are not sharp so kids can help out in the kitchen. Small accessory sticks, wraps etc. Let your lunch be a little more fun, perfect for canapés for a child's birthday. Placemats are just a little more fun for children and protects your dining table.

Brands from LeCreuset, Function, Kiddikutter, Lego, Dopper, Rosti, Paul Frank, Torune, Star Wars, Place Matic, Aviendo, Steel Function, Bagherra, Södahl, MSV, Zone Studio.

At we strive to do our best, and there should be something to be ultifreds above, you are always welcome to contact us.

We provide free shipping order for 500 kr