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Brabantia Bathroom Scales With Photovoltaics

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Brabantia Bathroom Scales With Photovoltaics

Want a more energy-friendly bathroom scales, then Brabantia person weight with solar cells is the right choice, whether you are working on the big weight loss project or 'just' need a modern reliable weighing in stunning design that also care about the environment. Conforms to the rest of the interior of the bathroom from Brabantia has the same clean lines as the other products, buckets, toilet brushes, soap dispenser and so on.

There are many good reasons to choose Brabantia bathroom scales with solar cells. Should only be used within the flat surface.

Person Weight is:


  • reliable vægtmålningsfunktion
  • A great platform to stand on
  • Automatic switching on and off
  • 5 year warranty
  • Max weight 160 kg
  • No need for battery (solar cells)
  • environment friendly


Should not be used outside, avoid steam and moisture,

Avoid too much sunlight, Always stand with both feet on the scales

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