Person Weight / Bathroom Scales

At NiceBuy find scales at a good price and in a sleek design that can match your personal style, for example in the bathroom. NiceBuy have traditional bathroom scales and modern bathroom scales with built in memory of several persons weight, analysis of body fat, muscle mass and BMI. You can also find a person weight with integrated solar cells, so the scales are always ready for use, without you first need to think about whether the batteries need changing. Some love their bathroom scales and jumps like the several times a day, others never put on weight, maybe in fear of the result. It is healthy once in the brand after the possible. clothes or on the weight if you lose weight or gain. Large weight loss can be one fails one time or another and must therefore go to the doctor, huge increase in weight in a short time, there should also seek help. Therefore, the weight can help to help if everything is within reasonable limits.
At Nicebuy.eu find scales by particular Brabantia and Tefal different price ranges from 229 kr to 629 kr


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Scales - Personal scales NiceBuy offers a range quality scales / person weights. The weights are Accurate, and there are models with botheration fat measurement and BMI measurement . Instruments with and without solar .